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April 01, 2015
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Aapki yaad aaye to dil kya kare, yaad dil se na jaye to dil kya kare, socha tha sapno mein mulaqat hogi, magar neend hi na aaye to hum kya karen..  CAT:Funny - Joke SMS,Hindi - Urdu SMS
It's great to have BROTHERS like you, who are wonderful persons and the best friends, too............ I cant live widout u bcoz i love u so much.  CAT:Brother - Sister SMS
Matal-resturent e garam ki ache? waiter-chowmin M-aro garam? W-tea M-aro garam? W-futonto jal M-aro? W-aguner gola! M-niye eso W-ki hobe? M-biri dharabo!  CAT:Bengali SMS,Funny - Joke SMS
Kuch to duniya dari rakho, kuch to dosti yari rakho,call to tum karte nahi,sms hi jari rakho,jab sms bhi nahi karna ho to mobile almari me rakho frm  CAT:SMS - Call me SMS,Hindi - Urdu SMS
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A Loving Sister glows like star in brothers soul  CAT:Brother - Sister SMS
Sister is someone who is caring and sharing. Sister can understand things you never said. She can understand pain which is not visible to anyone. I love my sister.  CAT:Brother - Sister SMS
Ma asche ghore ~ ekti bochor pore ~ pujo bari te bajlo dhakk ~ lekha pora tola thak...  CAT:Durga Puja SMS,Bengali SMS
He : Andar Gaya? She : Ha.. Gaya. He : Dukha Kya? She : Zara bhi nahi. He : Aur Ek Baar? She : Ab isme Daalo. He : Achha laga? She : Haa..Bahoot. . . . He : OK.MADAM KA SANDLE PACK KARO....  CAT:Dirty SMS
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Randomly Selected SMS
Flowers will die,e sun will set. But u r ma love dat i wont 4get.. Ur name is so precious,it will nvr grow old.. Its engraved in my HEART wit letters of Gold!  CAT:Romantic - Love SMS
Sardar travelling 1st time in a plain,going 2 Bengalore.While it's landing he shouted "Bangalore, Bangalore" Air hostess said:"B silent" Sardar:"angalore, angalore"  CAT:Funny - Joke SMS,Hindi - Urdu SMS
The word Trust is d basis of all relatioas but a small mistake made, can change its entire meaning. Like just a missing 'T' can 'RUST' d relation!  CAT:Wise Saying SMS
Thousands of friends i make, Everyones hands i shake. But real friends are few and The best of them is YOU....  CAT:Friendship SMS
Pujo sesh oli goli, ma bole choli choli. Bhasan hobe fatafati, bijoya sarar hutopati. Eta mar natun dhara, sms-e Bijoya sara.  CAT:Durga Puja SMS,Bengali SMS
God created mornings so that we can say how great the previous day has been and how wonderful the next 24 hours would be!  CAT:Good Morning SMS
Santa to Pappu: Where's Sukhna Lake? Pappu: Pata nahi. Santa: Kabhi ghar se bhi nikla karo. Pappu: Who's Banta? Santa: Pata nai. Pappu: Kabhi ghar me bhi raha karo.  CAT:Santa Banta Joke SMS
We Have 26 Letters In English. But Befor 1947,V Had Only 24 Letters. Do U Kno Y ? Bcoz 'U' And 'I' Were Not Born At Tat Time..!!  CAT:Romantic - Love SMS,Friendship SMS
When I was a dog, and you were a flower, I walked over you and gave you a shower!!  CAT:Insult SMS
School- a place where papa pays & son plays life insurance- a contract tht keeps you poor all ur life so tht you can die rich nurse- a person wakes up to give you sleeping pills marriage- a contract in which a boy loses his bachelors degree & girl gets her masters degree  CAT:Funny - Joke SMS,Cool SMS
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